Business records, spreadsheet bookkeeping. Who’s profit?

Not sure about this article. It lacks certainty about the weakness of modern accounting systems. It depends if you actually need one and where the line is. For example payment collection systems integrated to your web shop? That needs a system not a spreadsheet.

The majority

I’m fine with that. In fact I love that. It gives total control to the user, no programmers trying to do it for me while claiming they can do the job better than me, a spreadsheet accountant. They can’t. Maybe artificial intelligence might be able to one day, but that day is not yet here.


Amateurs. These should indeed NOT be using spreadsheets.They should be using systems that can output their entire transaction base to csv at the transaction level, I know xero can do this, others probably. Sometimes the best solution is half and half where say a sales ledger is needed for hundreds of customers, but the rest of the business is relatively simple.


Any MTD, same thing.


The power of lookups

However, I can see how once it has been taught what a transaction is, it can then apply the same to further similar (basically identical) transactions. That’s just the same as using a VLOOKUP table in a spreadsheet, but less flexible. In addition it only offers one “column” of categories/codes. I like to use two, three or even four levels of category. Not just one. One or two is very limiting for thoughtful analysis.

Analyse this

Time periods


Open banking


Drawing a line

What can be done?



Hello World 40 Years a public accountant.

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