IR35 Contractors are no more than a temporary employee? This is history little known.

Another expression was “bums on seats”.

Temp secs were called in to replace existing permanent staff

Our temp secs provided highly valued services and were happy enough with their lot,

It should here be noted that we have had decades of “status” experience with decades of case law.

Now then, HMRC (The Inland Revenue) came along and asserted that both types of “temp” are for tax purposes identical and both had to be paid via paye.

HMRC totally believe contractors are like temp secretaries for tax purposes.

That is where all the trouble started.

HMRC has never given up trying to short circuit what was perfectly good law.

One solution

Of course there are many workers via agencies who should be classified as employees.

I have for years being saying “employers” should be responsible for IR35,

Your preferred search engine is your friend.

Hello World 40 Years a public accountant.

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Hello World 40 Years a public accountant.

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