#IR35 Why we like the concept.

Originally written by a contractor.

16/3 15:58

The Benefits of IR35

Currently, there are many thousands of ‘employees’ on long-term contracts — essentially contract employees. It is absolutely correct these cases should be cleaned up and should become employees.

True contractors

Are about as far from employees as you can get already and Agencies and Clients are as guilty as HMRC for not understanding how this should work. Of course the hardworking employees of all three by definition have zero experience of being self-employed themselves and see only a tax dodge.

Did you know many agencies contracts are not fit for purpose?…

And the agencies promise contractually things that the client will not honour? What happened to ethics?

The Effects of IR35 are beginning to Bite

So, contractors are removed. Some will accept Umbrella or Fixed Term contracts for a short while however this will soon become just another temping model and will not provide the highly skilled services clients are accustomed to having available for short-term change.



Hello World 40 Years a public accountant.

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